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You’re at home here, sisi

June 28, 2009 The concept of time is gradually reforming itself in my head. Things are slower and happen when they happen, no matter how well-laid your plans or intentions may be. You often find yourself waiting for all sorts … Continue reading

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The King owes me a pilot’s license

June 25, 2009 I have gotten myself into a little fake love triangle here at the guest house. It all started when I asked Celiwe if a girl can ever say “Zumbu” to a man (Zumbu, you may remember, is … Continue reading

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Journey of Life

June 24, 2009 “When I was 12, my mother passed away. My choices: stay in my house alone, or move to a relative’s house away from everyone I knew.” This is what I saw when I caught a glimpse of … Continue reading

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The foot, it does not have nostrils.

Last week, at one of the Days of the African Child, I sat on one of the only tables still assembled at the end of the day, feet dangling, and as Sandile (a work colleague) walked by, he asked me … Continue reading

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All those children I’ve been “shooting”? Here they are!

So I know that many of you have been asking for pictures, and I want to thank all of you for being patient as I uploaded them using the very, very slow internet here. I’ve now got enough of them … Continue reading

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